Editing the Text Portion of Inspector Comments

In the text I have:

The quick blue goose jumped over the lazy dog.

I selected the words “blue goose” and used Format > Comment to add an Inspector comment (as opposed to an inline comment) with some message, it doesn’t matter what (e.g. “this looks wrong”).

During an edit session I see the comment and figure out what’s wrong and select from the ‘u’ in “blue” through to the end of goose and replace it with “ack fox”. It seems better, but still not correct, so I want to leave the comment. The only problem is, now the comment is only around the letters “bl” – is there any way to extend that selection? Thanks?

Hi Joe,

Yes, there are two ways. Either way, first select the text you want the comment applied to (including any it’s already applied to as we are going to move the comment). Then, either Ctrl-click on the comment and select the “Move” option from the contextual menu, or simply drag the comment onto the selected text.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Finally had a chance to try this. The first suggestion (Move from context menu) doesn’t appear for me; maybe it’s in a beta (I’m on 2.3.1)? But the second worked just great – thanks!

The functionality is still there in the beta, but you might be Ctrl-clicking while the focus is in the comment text, so it’s bringing up the text editing context menu. After selecting the text in the editor that you want to apply the comment to, be sure you’re holding the Ctrl key before you click on the comment. That should bring up a menu that allows you to change the comment colour and some other options including Move to Selection.