Editing Total Target column in outline view

I tried searching for this through the boards but didn’t find anything.

I downloaded a Scrivener template from Jami Gold, and it includes a really hand Total Target goal in outline view:
[see attachment - not sure how to add inline images]

I cannot figure out how to edit the Total Target number (17,775 words). In the Jami Gold tut, she says to double click on the number and update it - that just takes me to a different view. And that total is not a combined total of the documents contained within - I have 1 file in that folder with a 0 word target.

Anyone know what I’m missing here?

You probably have a goal assigned to the folder itself; the Total Target column does automatic summation, which is why you can’t edit it directly like the Target column. Folders are just text files that act differently. If you double-click on that folder to load it, and then switch off the Outliner view, you’ll see a regular old text editor. You could type in here (some use this space for chapter notes, since by default folders do not print their text content when compiling, and they’ll conveniently appear at the top of a Scrivenings session for that chapter), but just use the goal button in the footer bar to erase the goal.

Or, you could add the Target column and edit the folder’s target there. That may be what Jami was thinking of.

Oh gosh, how foolish of me not to figure that out. Thanks a million, AmberV!

P.S The easier route was adding the Total column, which you can double-click to edit. Cheers!