Editing with Apple Pencil & iPad

When a piece of writing seems “done”, I print it out and go over it with a red pen for final polishing. Then I painstakingly enter the changes back into the document (not my favorite part!). How much of this workflow could I replace via Apple Pencil + iPad Pro? E.g. is there any way for my pencil-editing edits to directly affect word processor text?

Even if I can’t execute edits via Pencil, that’s cool…it would be nice just to be able to see the marked-up version on-screen alongside the original, rather than on a sheet of paper awkwardly located on my desk. This would also save a lot of paper!

One concern: I need to see a decent amount of text at a time while editing. But if I compress the text and/or shrink the font so a decent amount is viewable, that’d leave scant white space for inputting edits with the pencil (I own the 9.7" iPad Pro, not the large one).

Any thoughts/tips gratefully received.

I use the bigger iPad Pro just the way you describe it, instead of paper. I use it in portrait mode, so if you jse the 9.7 in landscape mode the text has a decent size and you won*t have to scroll too much.

Do you mind if I ask what app you use to markup your text with the Apple Pencil and how well it works with the Apple Pencil?

7 hours of research later…

Yes, the best one can do is mark-up via iPad, and enter edits manually. Seems like the acknowledged app leaders are “iAnnotate” and “PDF Expert”, while Goodnotes, Penultimate, Noteshelf, Zoomnotes (available in a free “lite” version), and Notes Plus are worthy options. Useful comparison here: bit.ly/1VGbAz6

Actually, I’ve more or less dropped iAnnotate, which used to be my favourite, and also PDF Expert, Goodnotes, and a bunch of other apps that I’ve used.
My new favourite app is Notability. It works beautifully with the pencil and syncs between iPad and Mac, and can be used for all sorts of stuff, not just annotating pdf’s.