Editing with scrivenings loses changes

I’ve been editing my document in the scrivenings view. Usually this works but after a while I notice that changes have not been saved (although the modified date gets changed and remains correct). Seen this happen with 2.3.1 (20025) running on both Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion machines.

I keep the document open as I work on it for what might be days or weeks (although with the latest problem on my Mountain Lion system it’s only 4 days — I needed to reboot after the Mac OS 10.8.2 update).

This unexpected behaviour becomes really frustrating when I notice that typos and other changes have reverted back from what I changed them too. I know I can do Alt-S to save the current item but I shouldn’t have to.

I wonder whether your issue is covered by Katherine’s reply in this recent thread: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lost-text/19568/1]

For the document concerned I’ve never used Save As …

However, it does remind me that it is the same document exhibiting this problem. Originally created on the Snow Leopard system then the copied over to the Mountain Lion system.

I had originally thought the cause was some quirk of using VNC’s iPad app to access the machine (minor text correction/input is weird in this app) which is why I hadn’t reported it earlier. I’m now doing direct input on the Mountain Lion system.

[Just to be clear the Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion systems are two separate physical machines not one machine that has been updated.]