Remember, I mentioned that I’d started two projects?

In experimenting with the editing feature, I ran into a discrepancy between the documents. Selecting documents from the binder in the first project enables the Edit feature, just as I experienced in the tutorial.

With the second project however, the edit icon flashes when I select the documents, then goes grey and is disenabled.

So, what’s the secret I’m missing?

Well, I quit Scrivener, then re-opened it and Voila! The edit is functional in that project. So, I guess there are no worries.

There is a bug somewhere in which selecting multiple documents can cause certain toolbar items to grey out. I have it on my list to fix for the next update, but if you find a specific chain of events that causes it every time, I would be very grateful if you posted it, as it would make fixing the bug that much easier.