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I am used to having the pane stay the way I set it so I can keep my past, current and future documents along with the synopsis in view as I type. I’ve checked the manual, I’ve tried to check with other users, with tutorials and facebook groups to see what the h I am doing to have the thing reset the way it does.

Almost wishing I could get a refund and go back to the Version 2 where the editors do what I want them to do. To get the Outline back I have to tap the title and synopsis bar a few times.

Where did I miss the setting for this?

Work through the Interactive Tutorial available from Scrivener 3’s Help menu to orient yourself on how the update functions.

There are three primary modes of working in Scrivener: Scrivenings, Corkboard and Outline modes. Three grouped icons are available by default to control switching. Hover over the icons with a mouse to see their names. There aren’t many.

To see the Synopsis, the Inspector must be switched on. It’s the blue and white icon.

On Windows, there never was a Scrivener 2. The prior major version ended with 1.9.x.

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Could you paste a screenshot? (your rights to do so must be upgrades first…)