Editor causes typographical errors

Hi - I posted this on the technical support forum and have had views but no replies.
Though I’d try here. I just downloaded the free trial version of scrivener for windows (running on Windows 7) and am having a problem with the editor creating typographical errors in the editing mode. I notice that it is substituting letters left and right - “d” becomes “l”,“i” becomes “e” or “s” - it’s so frustrating having to go back and correct every other word. the letter substitutions is not consistent and I have made sure that I’m not just striking incorrect keys - something about the software is causing many, many more errors than when I simply use Word as the text editor. Any insight into this problem? Is it just something folks deal with? I am interested in purchasing Scrivener, but not if it actually makes my writing slower!

Thanks - angie

That’s a weird one, I’ve never heard of anything like that happening, and it certainly isn’t normal.

Off the top of my head - maybe try turning off Correct Spelling errors as you type and the additional substitutions just to make sure it’s not some weird setting there.

Tools | Options | Corrections, the 2nd from the top, and the bottom options respectively.

See if that helps at all.

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