editor colours

Is there a way to change the textual colours, and background but maintain the original colours of the text and the background in the compiled document? Essentially, I’d like white letters on a background. But when I compile it into a word document, I want to be regular colours, of black letters on a white screen. Essentially, I want it to similar to the ‘compose’ full-screen mode where the colours in that made are not the actually colours the document is in.

There isn’t anything that works that way precisely, though if you don’t use colours for anything else, you could get away with flushing all of them on compile. The option for that is at the bottom of the Transformations compile option pane.

I see the options. But what if one changes the background colour for the editor. Will that background colour scheme come out in the compile, or does it revert to the original?

I suppose I could just test this out myself, but in the event there’s a glitch in my computer, I just want to know the official answer from you guys.

The text background colour is purely a visual preference. If you wanted to change the paper colour on output you would have to set that deliberately in the compile meta-data pane for supporting formats.