Editor doesn't remember my scroll position when I navigate back

Repro steps:

  1. Open a document in the editor.
  2. Scroll down a bit.
  3. Open a different document.
  4. Click the left-arrow Back button at the top of the editor.

Expected: The editor remembers my scroll position when I go back.

Actual: The editor is scrolled to the top of the first document.


The editor scrolls to the position of the cursor when you reopen a document. The actually scroll position is not recorded.

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Ah, so if I want it to remember my scroll position, I should just click somewhere to set the cursor position? That’s easy enough. Thanks!

Yup! Double-clicking a word before you leave a document is a good way of bookmarking your place.

The reason we don’t save the scroll position and prefer the cursor/selection position, incidentally, is that in Scrivener you can open a document in several different places (two editors, full screen, Quick Reference), so you can edit text in another editor of a different size, and you might resize the editor before coming back to text. At that point, if it scrolls to either the point it was scrolled to before or the first letter that was in the text area previously, the selected text or cursor might now be off screen even though you expected it to be on screen because you were working in a larger editor before. So the scroll position could seem a little erratic in Scrivener, whereas with the cursor position you at least know where you’re always going to land. (I hope that make sense.)

Thanks for the detailed explanation, KB! That does indeed make sense.