Editor formatting

A few aspects of editor formatting are driving me nuts.

I have some specific but non-complex editing preferences, ways I have worked for years and prefer. I like my editing background black, my text green, using the Inconsolata font. I appear to have gotten this set up properly in Scrivener using the excellent main text style tool in the formatting preferences pane. This morning I pasted over the text in one of my documents with text from another. At first I had a black background and text. I could see the text when I highlighted. When I applied the default style to the document, I ended up with green text on a white background. So far I’ve wasted over three quarters of an hour writing time trying to fix this.

I guess my question is simple: how do I bring new material into Scrivener and keep my editing preferences, or if I foul something up, how do I make my background black and my text green again? This has proven to be very difficult, and I must be missing something.


To bring stuff in and keep the target formatting, use Paste and Match Style instead of just Paste.

I’m not sure why you ended up with a white background - the editor background can’t change colour unless you change it in the preferences. Did you actually change the editor background colour or only the highlight colour?

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I thought about the highlight color vs. editor background as well…but the page background is definitely set to black in preferences. That being said, I deleted the document and recreated it, using “Paste and match style” and it worked as expected. Thanks for your help!