Editor header bar idea

When I am in scrivening mode, I often enough find I would like know or verify which particular document the cursor is currently in.

When the inspector is open, it keeps in sync with that. But when it’s not, finding out the currently “live” scrivening component is less straightforward.

Would there be any downsides to in some way indicating the current scrivening doc in the editor’s header bar, in addition to the Multiple Selection label (which is of course essential), eg, in parentheses, and/or in a grayed-out color?

There wouldn’t be any downsides to that, in fact that’s how it is planned to work eventually, once the overall architecture of Scrivenings is improved to better simulate a single text editor. The title bar will read the name of the current container (or multiple selection as the case may be), along with the section name that the cursor is currently in. Additionally we’ll be adding editable titles in the text editing session itself.

Ex’lent! Something else to look forward to.

Hmm… how about also showing the path as a tooltip on hover? :question: :bulb: :open_mouth: :unamused:

That too!

Cool! I’m gonna try for a three-fer…

The Header button, with Path, Goto, etc, should also have a Move option.