Editor history

This is probably more of a feature request. But I’m hoping there is some way that when using the Editor’s Back and Forward arrows to move through the history, when reloading a view, Scrivener could remember the vertical position of where the window was scrolled to. So e.g., if I was looking at the 7th document in a 10-document scrivening, when that scrivening was reloaded, the editor would scroll to the 7th doc.

It probably couldn’t always be exact, due to intervening edits to the documents, but it would be close enough most of the time.

You can use alt-shift-R for “reveal in Binder”.

Thank you for the reply, drmajorbob.

Alt+Shift+r brings up the Editor ruler by default in S3. Win+Shift+r does reveal in binder…

But reveal in binder is not what I’m asking about. I’m asking about the vertical scroll position of the content in the editor when the the editor’s “history” gets reloaded and it consists of a multi-document scrivening.

Currently, the reloaded content is displayed from the top of the first doc in the scrivening, even if you were looking at the last doc at the time the scrivening in the editor was replaced with other content.

That is how it should work—or rather as in all ways with Scrivener, it would preserve the cursor position not the scroll position, when traversing through history (and that avoids scenarios like what you bring up, where some text might radically change beneath the scroll coordinates).