Editor "jumping"


Not sure if this has been answered before. I’ve searched these forums and Google and can’t find a result, so I thought I’d try here.

When I’m in the editor and let’s say I go back to edit a paragraph that’s near the top of the screen, the cursor/screen “jumps” to make that editing line the vertical center of the screen (i.e. it auto-scrolls my page a few lines). I have checked and “Typewriter scrolling” is turned off. This “jumping” is so annoying that I’m considering abandoning Scrivener altogether. I like your product and really don’t want to do this, but this jumping is making it impossible for me to write using your software.

Is there a simple fix for this? A setting I am missing? Thank you!


Welcome to Scrivener and the forums, Matt.

This thread from December last year, and in particular the post from AmberV, may be applicable: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/editor-jumps/35873/1]

Thanks. Do you have an ETA when that fix might arrive? That post is three months old. I find the glitch it frustrating enough where I might have to stop using Scrivener.

I’m simply a user. I believe that there’s a major upgrade going through a private beta at present, but I have no particular knowledge of whether it tackles this specific bug.

OK, thanks again. For now I’m going back to MS Word. :frowning:

In case there are others experiencing this error, I found a fix that worked for me:

In Preferences -> Compose, I set “Scroller Type” to “No Scroller.”

For whatever reason, this removed the setting that was causing the screen to jump. My guess is this reset some prefs setting somewhere. The scrolling is behaving normally again for me.

Good to know! I’ve probably never seen it as bad as you described. I’ve only ever experienced it when the cursor is very near the top or bottom of the viewing area, so it hardly ever gets in the way. I’ll keep your tip in mind in case anyone else asks about it.

This is happening again - it was such a hassle in 2.9 that I upgraded to 3.0, and it’s happening again a week later.
It’s akin to having a strobe light, enough to make using Scrivener a miserable experience, but I have so much work on Scrivener. I’m surprised no-one else gets this bug.

Create a new temporary account on your Mac, logon with that account, and try Scrivener. Can you repeat the problem with the new account?

If not, there may be something fishy with the stored Scrivener preferences in your main user profile.