Editor Margins Bug

I’m trying to adjust my margins and set them to an indentation of 1" on the left and right side. If I go to Options > Editor > and adjust the Main Text Attributes adjusting the left margin is easy enough. But if I adjust the right margin an inch then it adjusts the actual editor’s right margin to five (instead of an inch). My inital understanding was that the text in the Main Text Attributes box (i.e. the Nietzche quote) was supposed to be a micro-representation of the real document whose total length is 11 inches. When I put the right margin back to normal in the Main Text Attributes section then the main editor snaps the right margin back to 11, Does anyone have any suggestions for a workaround? Ideally I’d like to se this as my preset formatting and not have to adjust the right margin every time.

Adjusting the right margin can lead to problems when you compile. A better approach is to resize the editor window to a size you are comfortable with, and then go to Tools>Options and then the Editor tab and adjust the Editor Margins to inset the text within the Editor window. It’s in points so 72 equals about one inch.