Editor margins

We need to be able to set different values for left/right and top/bottom for the Editor margins. Currently, they use the same settings.


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The best way to set Editor margins is to never set them at all. Among other considerations,

  1. Scrivener is not intended to be WYSIWYG and
  2. Some export formats don’t support right margins (at all). Markdown, HTML, etc. export to page margins only.

Set margins in Compile->(open the format for editing)->Page Settings.

Krastev’s been here for a while, Bob. He knows this. He specified editor margins, not compiled margins.

@krastev this current set of options matches the Mac version. Curious, what’s the use case for setting them more granularly?

I like my editor set up this way:

Now, please, notice that the margin settings affect not only the Editor but also the Bookmarks preview area. And while that looks good in the Editor it looks terrible in the Bookmarks preview area; there is simply too much unused space.

I use Project Bookmarks for taking notes, similar to as the old project notes worked, and I like seeing as much of them as possible at a glance. Having so big margins in that area is a waste, in my opinion, and since there is no separate margin setting for it, I have to do with what’s available.

I can solve the problem by setting the margins to 10px and the default formatting to have the text indented away from the border but then the right indent is related to the border of the document and not the Editor’s container.

Editor with margins set to 0px. Notice how cramped is the text at the right scrollbar even though there is a right indent set to 1 centimeter.

Editor with margins set to 40px

If there is an option to set the margins separately it would solve my problem in both areas, the Editor and the Bookmark Preview.

This approach ends up in messy results for sure. Try to avoid “page margins” and stick to the “editor margins” (see your first post). Maybe in combination with the “fixed width editor” setting.

EDIT: Screenshot attached.

I’ll stick to my earlier response. @krastev began with the words “we need”, and I respectfully disagree.

Your response isn’t related to the question I posed. And I don’t see how splitting the setting into four different values will negatively affect you or anyone else.