Editor right margin negative in Catalina

In the Editor, the last character or two are cut off at the right, as if the right margin were set to be negative. This is on a 15" 2015 MBP. (I haven’t downloaded Catalina on my Mac Mini as yet.)

I don’t have fixed-width or page view turned on, and I have Editor Right/Left margins set to 20 pts in Preferences->Appearance->Options. When I increase that to 50 pts or so, I begin to see all the text, but then I have ridiculous left and right margins.

UPDATE 1: I hid and unhid the Binder, and the Editor seems to be cured … but I can’t see all of the Inspector.

UPDATE 2: Closing and reopening Scrivener appears to fix the Inspector now. Reopening didn’t solve it BEFORE my previous experiments. Now it does. For now, at least.

UPDATE 3: I closed Scrivener again, reopened, hid the Binder and Inspector … and there’s a huge blank space on the right, where the Inspector would be. None of these problems occur on the Mac Mini, where I still run Mojave.

UPDATE 4: Close and reopen AGAIN seems to fix everything. Maybe.

There are a number of known issues with Catalina. See this thread for more information:

Thank you for your patience.