Editor split behavior seems to have changed

Unless I am insane (strong possibility) things are different than what they were.

It seems that when I had the editor split and focus in one of the splits, that when I selected a new doc in the binder, that was the doc that then would appear in that focused split. It seems it was that way for years.

Now when I select a doc in the binder it seems to go to both sides of the split. Not what I had in mind, and I also see no advantage in that. Actually, that behavior seems pretty annoying.

The only option seems to be holding down the Option key, which seems to put the selected doc not in the one that has focus, but in the opposite split! WTF?

That seems like a decent option, but unlearning is very difficult, and since it worked a completely different way since I began using Scrivener years ago, it flummoxes me every time.

This is NOT an improvement. It’s a bother.

OK, now that my rant is over, the Q is how do I get Scrivener to behave the way it used to behave, and how did I get into this mess in the first place?

The manual, as inscrutable as ever, seems to be no help, though I’ve dug through it valiantly trying to find an answer.

You probably just need to use the Navigate ▸ Clear All Navigation Options setting. Previously, you probably experimented with one of the menu commands in the areas right above that, where you can select what happens with binder clicks.

Thank you. That fixed it.

I see in the Navigate menu now an option for Other Editor or Current Editor. Possibly that was what was set differently?

Except if I was in my right mind (again, we can’t be sure of this) I never in a million manuscripts would have wanted that option, so I must have clicked on it by mistake.

Yes, there are a few different options available. For example one of the built-in Layouts that seeks to emulate a kind of mail program interface uses settings like these to achieve that. You would click on a folder and the contents of that folder would appear in an outline or corkboard listing in a narrower column on the left, and then the Scrivenings text of that same folder would appear on the right. Selecting individual text entries in the binder would load them or scroll to them on the right as well. So it makes for a kind of concise navigator in projects where it makes more sense to leave groups hidden (maybe you have lots of items in the binder and having everything open would mean a lot of scrolling). You can just click on the top level container and browser deeper into the list of text entries from there.

Sometimes I use the Other Editor setting when I am chasing down multiple parallel issues in a draft. I might be working in one area and in doing so realise I need to fix another area, so I click on that area in the binder, and it loads in the other editor—not disturbing what I was currently working on. I could then work over there to resolve the problem I thought of, and then return to where I was when the tangent started. But maybe I finish over there first and then move on to the tangent. Now, if I think of another thing to fix, the click goes to the other editor again. Thus the split I’m currently working on is never disturbed, and whatever I’m not using at the moment becomes the auxiliary.