Editor text is black in Big Sur Dark Mode

Hi folks, I just upgraded to Big Sur and found that the editor text no longer switches to white when the system goes into Dark Mode. Scrivener 3.1.5 and macOS 11.

Steps to repro:

  1. Set your system to Dark Mode.
  2. Launch a Scrivener project and open an editor.

Text in the editor is white, and the background of the editor is dark.

Text in the editor is dark against a dark background, making it difficult to work.

Text in the editor used to turn white in Catalina.


Attaching screenshot.

3.1.5 does not contain the necessary edits and fixes to be completely compatible with Big Sur. KB has stated that there is an update coming soon that will make those necessary tweaks and fixes. Once that new version is out, I would recommend that you update and see if the issue still persists or has already been fixed.

This is a known issue, and will be fixed when we release our Big Sur-compatibility update.


Having been inculcated and indoctrinated into The Ways of The Virtuously Wise, I now think (actually, that should be “know”) that upgrading to the next point release of Scrivener is sheer recklessness writ large upon the face of the universe itself. Hark, alack, run for the hills with multiple tinfoil hats … there might be a bug.

Having seen the light, I am waiting for Scrivener 78956.3 (astonishingly wise to hold out for a .3 release), which should be released on 11 or 12 August in the year 234,067 or sometime in the millennium or two thereafter.

May wisest wishes and the fortunes of the patient be blessed upon all those who wait.

Yea, I have seen the light and been stupefied by it.


I love the smell of new learning in the morning. Can I get a badge? A medal?



Go on, find a smile and a good heart. People have different opinions? Nooooooooo.

My dude, are you a comic book?

Because you have issues.

Thanks for the replies. I look forward to the update.

Please, any forecast on release date?
I upgraded to BigSur and I’m forced to light theme by now…
Thanks in advance

Next week:

literatureandlatte.com/blog … nd-silicon

That’s awesome, KB – thanks for the hard work. Out of curiosity, for those of us on older hardware who aren’t even on Catalina (my Mac mini is mid-2010, so 10.13.6 is it for me), will this update work for us as well or are we plateaued at 3.1.5?

I’m good with it either way – the plan is to pick up a new Mac mini ASAP – but just want to set expectations accordingly.

It will work on earlier systems too. Most of the UI changes will only affect Big Sur, of course.

Thank you!

My Scrivener version is the one from the App Store.
Having updated the system to Big Sur, I downloaded the trial version to open Scrivener.
I’ve just downloaded version 3,2 and, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to make the editors colors to work, Dark Mode or not.

I use to work with a dark wallpaper, the page 100% transparent and the text in clear grey, not to burn my eyes at night.
Unfortunately the text color is not working at all. With the “Focus” it seems to work fine, but if I put the Focus in “off” the text disappear and becomes black, even if I set it to white. Screenshot attached.
Note: if I change the text to another color, for example cyan, in Focus mode I can see that color. So, “Focus” is working fine.

Am I doing something wrong?
The same thing happen in the main editor, not in Composition Mode. I can see black text with white background, but if I try to change the text color, the text is not changing at all.

I tried to reset everything to the defaults, it doesn’t work anyway.
Any idea? Have I lost some setting along the way? Or this issue isn’t addressed correctly in 3.2?
I hope you’ll tell me I missed something!

Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

Hi all,

UPDATE on above post.
Apple has just updated “Scrivener 3” version to 3.2 to the App Store.
I removed the downloaded version and update my bought version.
Colours are fine!

Somehow, even downloading the 3.2 version, something was still used of my 3.1.5, I guess,
Even if I was launching the 3.2 Trial version and reset the settings.

I can happily say that 3.2 solve all the colours issues.

Thanks for the hard work done!

Glad you got it sorted!

All the best,