Editor wants Ascii Text with Footnotes?

[…ummm, I hope this isn’t innappropriate to post this here]

…is this possible? I understand all formatting is disregarded in Ascii text, but he also expects me to include my footnotes, so what do I do? Any suggestions? Please help me if you can with some advice, I’m leaving early tommorow for Europe and need to get this out tonight :open_mouth:

Not a problem. Footnotes will be turned into plain text equivalents[1] upon export. Incidentally, this also happens automatically if you copy and paste from Scrivener into a text editor.

[1] Like this, but technically they will be more like endnotes. All will be collected at the very end of the manuscript since there is no such thing as a “page” in a plain text file.

Ah, I see. Thanks so much AmberV.

Ah, is that what that is! I noticed iText Express does this with foot/endnotes from Scr… Now I understand why. Thanks!