Editor window blanks when task switching

Sorry if this has been posted already, but as I didn’t immediately see it I wanted to mention it. I am running the 1.1.0 beta on a netbook running Ubuntu. Overall the program is awesome and I can’t wait for an update and the opportunity to buy a released linux version. However, the only problem that I have is when task switching between Scrivener and other programs (Alt-Tab), when I return to scrivener the editor window is usually blank below the cursor. I have to scroll up or down with the arrow keys to get the text to pop back into place.

Keep up the good work!

This problem appears resolved in version 1.2.5. Nice job!

I spoke too soon - this still happens on my ubuntu netbook. Anybody else seen something similar?

Netbook? yeah, known issue with the Windows version and netbooks and computers with a lot of load. Might want to add your specs and experiences in the Bug Hunt forum. The text eventually comes back, yeah? As I understand it, Scrivener doesn’t load everything when you load a project–just the stuff you need. On some computers that loading/unloading doesn’t happen fast enough.