Editor window can't restore to previous position once the binder was turned off

Here’s the video: dropbox.com/s/pa9jkaeojec9o … n.mov?dl=0

If I’m remember correctly, the window behavior used to be like this in some older version, then it was fixed until recently. I think the ideal behavior should be either the main window can go back to it’s previous position once the binder was turned off, or the so-called “drawer-like” transition, with the binder hovering over the editor momentarily.

In the previous version, if you opened and closed the binder it would “eat” into the total window width, shoving the editors over and potentially resizing them. Now it is added to the width of the window, thus changing the window size and requiring it to be moved over to make room for that additional width. When you hide the binder, it leaves a gap (because it cannot know that at some point the past that gap was not intentional).

This behaviour is optional by the way. It is described in appendix §B.5.1. The Appearance: General Interface preference pane, Adjust window size to accommodate binder and inspector.

ah, that’s it. Thank you very much.

One thing to note is that if the window takes up the full width of the screen (give or take a pixel or two), then it will switch to using the old behaviour anyway, since in that case it assumes you want to keep things fitted to the width fo the screen. So in your video, if the right edge of the window had been pulled across to the right edge of the screen, the behaviour would have been different.

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