Editor Window Not Displaying Correctly

I copied a file from one project to another. The file displays correctly in the original Project. It does not display correctly in the new Project. I’m trying to figure out how to add a screen shot, but what’s happening is the first three or four letters on the left side do not show, and the last three or four letters on the right side do not show. They DO show in the original project. How do I fix this? Or can I fix it?

You just need to drag and drop the screenshot into where you compose the post.

Do both your projects have the editor set to the same zoom ?

Have you tried closing then reopening the project that won’t display properly ?

Thank you for the drag and drop. Or paste.

Yes, both are set to the same zoom. But the zoom shouldn’t matter. I’ve never had a different zoom cause this error before.

It depends… a PDF for e.g. can end up missing fringes. (I now understand from your reply that it likely wasn’t a PDF though.)

When you say “copied a file”, do you mean you copied the body text, or that you duplicated the file from the binder by dragging it from one project to the other?

This is just plain text. Single spaced, with a tab at the beginning of each paragraph. Not only that, when it copies over, a half line space is added to the top and bottom of each paragraph.

Try dragging the file (the one that is fine) from one project’s binder to the other project’s binder.

That’s what I did do.

Try selecting all the text from the document, then create a new file and paste it to it.
If it doesn’t work, try copying the text of the original file from your other project instead. (?)

Did you otherwise try closing and reopening the project ? Pretty sure it is an editor’s margin conflict. That might reset it.

Tried both of those.

Finally got it to work. Somehow, the Style I used in the original Project was not available in my new Project. Even though I copied the files with Drag and Drop from one Project to another. I recreated the Style and applied it to the text, and it now appears correctly in the editor window.

Very odd. I have never had my Styles disappear before.

Styles don’t transfer from one project to another this way.
More even given the fact that you used copy/paste of the body text.

But, technically, your text should have been no style/visually unchanged.

Could have sworn I was able to save my Styles so they are available in all Projects, but maybe something changed.

Yes, even if it had No Style, it should have displayed properly.

I even tried pasting the text into a plain text editor to strip out any formatting that might have crept in from wherever, and then re-copying it to a clean document. That did not work. It still did not display correctly. But recreating the Style I normally use, and applying it to the text corrected whatever was going on.

That’s a new feature, and it only works for newly created projects.

Could swear it had been there before because I’m pretty sure I have not had to re-create my Styles in every project I’ve started.

Then again, I’ve never had the indexing blow up on a Project before, and had to recreate the entire Project by creating a copy of the Project (in case I screwed up) and going into Files, finding each piece of the material under Content in the various folders, and reassembling an entire Project.

Styles can be saved in a template. Probably that’s what you are talking about, because there is no other way. (Or at least that I know of. But I am pretty sure (99.99% sure) there isn’t.)

I mean, there is now, but there wasn’t up to a few days ago. (Not for the Windows version.)

Else one had to import them to each new project.
Or start from a project that has those styles already, and save-as for each new project. (Which is the same as using a template, except it’s the wrong way to do things.)

Anyways, in case you don’t already know, the new feature is here :