Editor windows not expanding fully - after Catalina Update

Hi, I uploaded MacOS Catalina recently and there seems to be a problem when expanding my scrivener window to cover the full screen. (Please note, I am not trying to enter full-screen composition mode, just expand the scrivener window to fill my computer screen).

The binder, toolbars will expand to fit screen correctly but the editor screen (two if I have split the editor screen) remains the same size. They won’t fill the empty space.

It may be nothing to do with my Catalina update but the problem coincided with it. Any help gratefully accepted. With thanks &c.

Are you using the latest version of Scrivener, 3.1.4? Catalina introduced some visual bugs, some details in the linked thread, as well as a link to download 3.1.4, which I think solves the problem.

Fingers crossed it’s sorted. Thank you so much!

You’re welcome!