editor zoom doesn't work on home computer, works on work computer


so i’m running win 10 on both and they’re both the same version of scrivener (latest) but on the home computer, for some reason, the percentage zoom in on text (using the dropdown menu, the mouse wheel or ctrl -, ctrl + keys) doesn’t work at all. but on the work computer, it works flawlessly… there seems to be no other difference between operation.


I get a similar thing - it’s quite annoying as I only work at home and zooming in and out are functions I try to use often.
For zoom in: the drop down menu works, but not Crtl+= (Crtl± works fine for zoom out), so probably has little to do with font rendering but a simpler “disconnected function” problem.
Zooming in 5-6 times by drop-down menu is a pita.

Any hope of getting this fixed?

Just tried on my Win 10 system and both Ctrl + and Ctrl - work as expected. I don’t think it’s a generic issue with Scrivener and Windows 10?

Do you have something else installed that is eating the Ctrl+ ?

I forgot about the CTRL + -
I confirm they work but I really miss the mouse wheel Zoom Up and Down.

I’m currently using Beta 11