Editors back-and-fourth?

Where can I find a detailed description of how a writer and their editor can best use Scrivener? I’ve offered to buy version for my editor, she wants to know this before committing.


What you’re proposing is a form of collaboration, Ray. In that respect, advice in this recent thread may help, and this section of the Literature & Latte Knowledge Base referenced within it, especially the part towards the foot of the page entitled “Alternative Method” (which I recommend for your situation).

What Hugh said.

You might also ask her to download a copy of the trial version, so that you can test the exchange process before actually paying for a license.


Beyond the mechanics syncing (or sharing zipped copies of the project back and forth like a .doc), are you looking for practical uses of its features to enable a dialogue between multiple people using a project? If so I would do some reading up on Revision Mode, Snapshots (particularly the comparison feature within that, which makes it possible to “track changes” without any track changes feature), Comments and Inline Annotations. You may also find some tips in this blog article.