Edits gone after leaving manuscript composite

I am working on a novel, and I have each chapter in a separate file under one manuscript. I started editing in composite mode a few days ago, just so I had a total word count visible the entire time. I have auto-save enabled, so I usually don’t worry about it saves not happening. Today, I left composite mode to get to a specific chapter faster, wanting to double check some continuity, and then went back to the current chapter I was editing to find that ALL OF MY EDITS that were done in composite (around 30 pages) are gone. I’m not sure why and what to do now. Help would be appreciated, as I’m about to have a panic attack. -_-;

What version of Scrivener are you using? This sounds like an old bug that was fixed a while back. If one left the same Scrivenings session open for days on end, edits would stop getting tracked due to an over-aggressive memory reclamation function. If you are indeed using an old version, then I’m afraid the news isn’t good—this bug caused data loss as these edits were never saved anywhere—they only ever existed in the active window. I’m terribly sorry if that is the case! Hopefully you’re using the latest version though and we’re looking at something else much more benign.