Edits making the page move?

I just started using the manuscript template for the first time and I’m currently reading back over the prologue of my book and making a few rough adjustments as I do so. But every time I type something, the page moves (mostly downward) to a seemingly random place, so that it takes ages to find where I was and/or the text begins to appear, (or disappear, if I’m deleting something), from the wrong line. At first I thought I hit a shortcut accidentally. But I’ve been typing very carefully just in case and it’s still happening. And it’s also incredibly annoying.

I don’t think it happened in previous non-template documents and I have touchfreeze installed, so I don’t think it’s my touchpad skipping around. For reference, I’m currently using Vista and the most recent Windows version of Scrivener. Anyone have any ideas?

You might try Format / Options / Typewriter Scrolling.

There’s also Tools / Options / Editor to de-select Typewriter scrolling in new projects.

Typewriter scrolling seems the most likely culprit as Twolane suggests. This can be toggled per editor (i.e. each split and full screen), so make sure the focus is in the editor that’s giving you trouble before selecting the menu option. If you’ve updated to 1.5.5, you can also use the keyboard shortcut combo Ctrl+G, Ctrl+T to toggle it on and off (the shortcut must be used in Full Screen, as there’s not currently a way to access the menu there).

Odd, I don’t rememebr turning it on. I’ll try switching it off though and see if it helps. Thanks. :slight_smile: