Edits to chapters not showing in manuscript

Hello all. I’m new to this forum and new to Scrivener. I’m trying to understand it but I seem to have a mental block on some things – which happens to me a lot – so may come across as annoyingly thick. I have a problem and wonder if anyone can help. Here goes:

I edit the text in my chapters – but when I look at the text in the manuscript it only shows some of the edits and not others. I check the chapters again = yep the edits are there but still not showing in the manuscript section.

If I compile (ticking all the chapter boxes) and save for Word (for example) the edits are not showing. I go back and check ‘chapters’ in Scrivener and the edits are there…

It must be something simple but I can’t work it out. I have ‘Scrivener for Dummies’ in front of me but still don’t understand it. I will laugh at this one day…

What are the “chapters” in your binder (the sidebar on the left) and where are they? This sounds almost as though you have two copies of documents in your project, one that is contained inside the “Manuscript” folder and one outside of it, with the edits being made to the second copy. If you’re not quite sure just looking at it, posting a screenshot showing and identifying the Manuscript and Chapter sections might help.

Thank you so much – sure enough = two copies. Editing one and other was ‘as-is’.

Great, glad it’s sorted and was a simple solution!