Education on the Cheap!

Ok I have gotten many interesting emails where I will have millions of dollars given to me to move money out of distressed countries, where at least 20 different people in Nigeria have left me millions of dollars in inheritances, where if I supply all of my senstive information I can get my free BMW from a lottery from another country only using my email that I did not give out to win said lottery.

Usually on the ones that ask for my name, address, telelphone number

I usually put down
Robert S. Muller, III
and his phone number, address etc.
(You may ask yourself who is Robert Muller? And what information are you giving them? Easy. Robert is the Director of the F.B.I. and of course I submit the phone number and address. That way if some crook is dumb enough to call it should not be to hard to look for the people who are trying to steal the Director of the F.B.I’s identity. :slight_smile:

Well anyone I know many of you are also millionaires and lottery winners but I just got a brand new email that made me chuckle and I just had to share it with you.

Talk about cheap education!