Eerie pulsating THING

Maybe this is a spooky Special Effect rather than a bug but

OS X 10.8.2
Scrivener build 22551

Typing in an inline annotation when there is no trailing space between the end of the annotation and the following text.

To clarify, let the parentheses stand in for the annotation demarcators:

If I am annotating someone else’s text (which is something you know about, Keith, in your former life)and I just click next to a word and start annotating

…then the yellow speech-bubble icon on the toolbar PULSATES. No really, it does. PULSATES. Normally it sits quietly being yellow. If you’re already in an annotation or a comment, it is dimmed (you can’t comment comments).

But in this case, it seems to get confused. And eerie. And PULSATES. Insert a trailing space (in the example above, between “life” and “and”) & it seems to gain confidence and remain dimmed in the annotation and bright elsewhere.

Well, hell, we all pulsate when we are confused but I thought I’d call it in anyway.

I can’t reproduce this, but it sounds as though toolbar validation is going crazy for some reason, possibly validating and invalidating in time with the cursor blinking? (Or, I could just claim it’s a special effect…)

The only thing I could get that was like this is the periodic availability toggle that happens when an annotation has a space at the end of it. At that point the comment feature is available and will attach to the word following the annotation. But this is a slow toggle, that requires you to pause typing for a second to see it—it doesn’t sound like what you are describing in other words.

It might be that. I tried this and it definitely wasn’t waiting very long to toggle on and off. Observe this horribly typo-filled screencast example:

This was on 10.7.5.

Ah, okay, I can reproduce it now. It’s not a bug, more of a quirk to do with how comments can be attached to text. When the cursor is at the beginning of a word, clicking the “Comment” toolbar icon will attach a comment to that word. But if the cursor is inside a word that has inline annotation formatting, you can’t attach a comment to it (because that would cause hell for export). So, when you type a space, the word after the annotation has no annotation attached to it and “Add Comment” is available; when you type some letters, as far as the text system is concerned, they are part of the following word, which now looks to Scrivener as though it is partially an annotation, and so the “Add Comment” button is disabled accordingly.

As a side note, I will just add that since Lion, Apple’s toolbar validation code is annoying. For efficiency, the toolbar doesn’t validate as often as it used to do. This means that it is possible, in some situations, to click on them when Scrivener is telling them that they should be disabled. For instance, if you add the “Move Left” button to the toolbar and click on it repeatedly very quickly, you’ll get an error because the last click will try to move the document somewhere it can’t go, and the item should have been disabled. Grr. (I’ve had to fix that for the next version and present the user with a beep rather than assuming that toolbar items are always disabled just because I’ve told OS X that they should be.)

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I am SO glad I’m not a developer…

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