Effect of Import/Export Cycle on Footnotes

Before downloading Scrivener I would like to know the answer to the following question:
I have a substantial portion of my memoirs already written in Word. If I import the material from Word into Scrivener, then later export it back from Scrivener into Word, what happens to my Word footnotes (which are legion) as a result of the import/export process? Does the final Word product contain all my footnotes as originally placed at the bottom of the page? :question:

Footnotes should survive the import/export cycle, so long as you choose to save out of Word as RTF and export from Scrivener as RTF or DOC. Footnotes get stripped from formats other than RTF upon import. Footnotes in Scrivener appear inline, but they will appear at the bottom of the page again when they get exported to Word. That said, there can be occasional formatting glitches (font etc) when imported, so that may need sorting out. I would recommend downloading the 30 day trial (if you haven’t already) and testing it out.
Hope that helps!
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