Einstein on Newton

I wonder if I might pick the very large collective brains of forum members, as I’m trying to track down the origin of a (supposed) quotation. I have heard it said that Einstein commented that Newton was great because he was as right as he could have been given the age he lived in. However, I have no idea where this came from (Urban Legend?) or indeed if Einstein ever said it. If anybody knows the truth, I would be very grateful if they would illuminate me. With thanks,


This may help.

Anyhoo, if he didn’t say it, he probably should and could have done, with a little bit of relativistic time manipulation…

And if we are to believe quantum theory (which Einstein didn’t), somewhere in the multiverse Einstein has said it. And will say it. And is saying it at this minute.

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All of which, of course, proves he never did just as many times.

Did he take the Red pill or the Blue one?


How long is a submarine? True of False?

None of the above.

Or all.

Impossible to tell from this point, as either we don’t know where we are, or don’t know where we’re going.

I know where we are going. There is this great restaurant at the end of the universe.

And really, who could have expected a Ford Prefect to last that long?

Well I don’t know for sure where I am going but I demand to know where I have been…

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