Either add link or compiler is sporadically adding multiple linkss

I’m using the plain text format in the compiler to create html documents. When I add a link to text in Scrivener, it will sometimes work like a charm, and other times I will get the same tag, containing the same html, applied in multiple places–sometime breaking up the link text into parts, each with it’s own tags.

And the strange thing is that if I have more than one link on the page–identically formatted, by the way, it will do this to some of them, but not others.

Can we get a small example project with few sentences in a document demonstrating the problem.

I tried to reproduce it in another small project, and have failed so far. Puzzling, because I spent half a day trying over and over to get a single document to compile without doing this, then gave up and edited the html directly, and now I can’t seem to get it to do it.

If I do get it to, I’ll send it along.

So I just couldn’t get it to do it in the small project I created, so I decided to see if I could rewrite the document that I first experience the problem in from scratch, and make it work right.

It’s still doing it in the original project. The screenshot below shows what is happening…

Annotation 2020-03-30 164140.png

Please, upload a small demo project with a fraction of the document to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

Okay. I finally got it to reproduce. The problem appears to be that if there is formatting within the text, then the tags are applied in the odd way–breaking the text up according to the formatting…

I’m attaching the project.

The other thing I noticed while doing this is that if, at the end of a document, you don’t hit enter one more time, some of the formatting in the compile format doesn’t apply. I’ve created a compile format to create html formatting for my newsletter, and if I don’t hit enter after the last paragraph, it fails to add the


tags to that paragraph. Easy to work around, and I’m not sure it isn’t just the expected way for scrivener, but I thought it was worth mentioning.