El Capitan split view?

Does Scrivener work with El Capitan’s split view or am I doing something wrong to not be able to access that feature?


My guess is that that won’t be available until version 3 comes out, which will be 64-bit. I would guess that probably 32-bit apps cannot make use of split view, as they have been deprecated by Apple since before El Cap came out.

Mr X

Ok. Thanks.

You can do split view. But while in El Cap there are two ways of doing split view, Scrivener works only in one of them. The one that doesn’t work is the one that you do by holding the green button of an app so that it takes half screen. The one that works is the one using mission control

You can also use the green button method, you just use from the other window first and then select your Scrivener window.

I’m so confused! I’ve tried both ways and my Scrivener will not split view with any other app. If I hold the green button down, it will move to half the screen, but no matter what else I have open it says “no available windows” on the other side. And I can’t get it to split with anything using mission control, either. Usually when I want split view, I just drag the one full screen desktop over another and there it is. Any idea what’s going wrong?

(And FYI, I’m wanting to split view with Evernote on the other side of Scrivener.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t know anything about Evernote support for the feature, I would test with Scapple if you have it, or TextEdit, and see if that works. I have no problems splitting the screen with a Scrivener project on one side and a Scapple board on the other, using whatever method.

Now I say that, but I’m talking about a blank test account on my Mac. On my primary Mac account, it’s as if Split View doesn’t even exist. Nothing works with it, no method of invoking it even hints that there may be a way of using it. So I don’t know, there could be a lot of external circumstances going on.

I find I can open Scrivener and Evernote in El Cap split screen, so long as both are open on the same desk-top but not in Full Screen mode. Then click and hold with the mouse on the green Full Screen button for one of the Apps, say Evernote. Half of the screen should take on the hazy blue appearance. Release the mouse button and Evernote should drop into the blue half and Scrivener should be visible in the other part of the screen. Click in it and it should expand to fill that half.

I am using El Cap 10.11.1 on a late 2012 Mac Mini.

I hope this makes some sort of sense.


When I do that, the one I click and hold the green button on, does as it should. Then on the other half of the screen is the smaller thumbnail of the other app with “not available in full screen” over it and it won’t let me click on it. I’m using exactly the versions you are, though on a Macbook pro. So very strange!

As far as I know, Evernote just added split view in its latest update, so make sure you run that one. In mission control, I manage to split screen between Scrivener and a bunch of Apple apps. Testing with Apple apps is the safest, because they should all (or most of them) be able to split screen with another app. The other method failed for me, but perhaps I wasn’t using the right order (there shouldn’t be an order, though)

EDIT: OK, I can split screen between Scrivener and the latest Evernote, but I am running the latest beta build of El Cap. I can only do it with Mission Control. The other method doesn’t work for me when I split screen between Scrivener and Evernote. It does work with Scriv and Finder (and I assume other Apple apps, but not tested). It seems a capricious feature.

I updated Evernote today–that’s why I was so excited to try it! Sigh.

I tried Scriv and Pages, but that didn’t work, either. The only thing I got to work in split view with Scriv was TextEdit.

And over here (at least in my account where Split View exists) Pages and Scrivener work just fine together. You might try the same test yourself: make an empty non-admin Mac account, log in and see if Scrivener can mix with other programs.

Has this been resolved? I’m running Scrivener 3.2.2 and Mac OS Big Sur 11.4, and I cannot get Scrivener to go into paired split screen mode with any other app. Doesn’t matter if I long press on the green “stoplight” button or drag windows around in expose. Either way I get a message or icon indicating that I cannot have scrivener side by side with another app in Mac OS full screen mode. Any idea how I can make this happen?

Ok, I just figured it out. If I have two editor windows open side by side within scrivener, then for some reason I cannot put it into full screen split mode with other apps. But, if I close one editor window, then I can put it in split screen with other apps, AND I can then open the second editor, getting me back to my original state, now in split screen. I have no idea why that is happening (its clearly a bug), but I’m sharing this solution for anyone else who has this problem.