Electronic Publishing

Am a newbie looking for a solution… I have a couple of court cases that I would like to compile disparate information/testimony/evidence/video, recordings etc. and associate to my main “case” and various witnesses - it looks like Scrivener would excel at keeping track of and grouping this disparate information - but, I would like to maintain audio and video data with my document - and publish the document to disk/CD/or file. Any “paper” output would be akin to presentation “notes” - the meat would be in the electronic document…

Any advice on this - is Scrivener the correct tool - any advice would be appreciated…


Workflow is an individual matter, but you might ask:

  1. My research data: is it specific to only one case, or to many?
    If it’s specific, then the Research folder in a Scrivener project may be adequate.
    If you can use it for many cases, then DevonThink Pro Office is a better tool.

  2. How many different filetypes will I associate with text?
    The more variety (film, audio, etc), my sense is that DTPO is more robust.

Here’s a table of supported file types:
devon-technologies.com/produ … rison.html

Thanks - this will be for a single trial… and its me putting together a "brief (story) for the lawyers - ie. case/story with the supporting documentation and AudioVisual files … this way the lawyers can see all the evidence and how it fits into my “story”… it gets pretty convoluted and I’m looking for some method of non linear interaction with all the “parts”…

I am also pretty sure I have ADD and so the structuring, logical naviagation and focus abilities are important…

Thanks for the referral -