Elevation error when trying to open backup files

So,I’m typing a 4k portion to a 60k project and as I’m typing Scrivener hard freezes. I do a hard reboot of the computer (again). I open my project and that 4k portion is gone. No problem, I’ll just go to the backup files, thus the reason behind getting Scrivener (among other things). Well, I’m looking at the file and this wonderful error: “The requested file needs elevation”, followed by “Windows cannot complete the extraction, The destination file could not be created”

Wonderful experience so far with Scrivener. I paid fifty bucks for a middle finger, BUT I really want this program to work for me. I understand it has something to do with Administrator privileges but maybe I’m missing something.

“The requested file needs elevation” is not a Scrivener error but comes from your Windows operating system.

good luck,

Hi NWitch,

Sorry if you already know this, but–are you trying to open backup directly from the zipped file? If not, that won’t work.

You need to first extract the Scrivener project folder (it’ll be something like YourProjectNameHere.scriv) out of the zipped file. Then you can double-click on the .scrivx file to launch Scrivener.