Eliminate Unneeded Spacing Options?

In experimenting to understand how the paragraph spacing works, I’ve accumulated 26 different spacing options (1.0x 6.0x/6.0x etc.). Is there any way to eliminate the ones I no longer want? I really only want to have one or two options here.



These only hang around for the session. You should be able to clear the list by reloading the project. They will be added back as they are encountered, but only those that are actually found in the text as you type and edit; i.e. you have to actually click inside of a paragraph that has custom line-spacing for it to be added back to the short list—but presumably those will be the ones you want to keep.

But this “add as encountered” behavior makes it challenging to standardize on rulers through a project. Fortunately, Scrivener has a Copy Ruler command. I curate some common rulers in Project Notes, to copy and apply thereby. But these should really be maintainable by name in the dropdown – i.e. Default, Blockquote, Table Cell – with the ability to generate a full list for a project, making it easier to pare down and standardize.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, that solved it (although the 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, and 3.0x options hang around – and I have no need for those).

Those are baked in as they are just common options people tend to use.

Worry not, stuff like copy & paste rulers and accumulated settings in drop-downs are only stop-gaps for better features down the way. A way to store a selection of formatting rules within a named preset is coming, and a ways further down the road this will be broadened to support stylesheets on compile, too.