Eliminating extra information on title bar in new release 3.3.2

The latest release causes redundant information about the current document to appear on the top title bar. Can this be eliminated in the settings? I couldn’t find where it can be fixed.

What is the information you are seeing, that is different from previous versions? I don’t see any difference myself, just the project filename followed by the current binder item’s title. If you are seeing more than that, perhaps this item has a longer title than you thought? It sometimes happens with copy and paste, that there are multiple lines in the title field, but only the first will show up in most views.

The part that I did not see in the prior version prior to the upgrade is the document title – I do not want to see it twice on the screen, once in the title bar and once in the document bar. That was not happening prior to this upgrade. I still have the old version on my laptop and could see that this is a change.

How old is the previous version you are referencing? I went back to 3.1.5, which is quite old at this point, and still see the same title bar arrangement.

I did not have this issue, and do not have the issue, in 3.3.1. so something changed… I am hoping there is a setting somewhere to make this go away as it undercuts the wonderful Zen sleekness of scrivener to have redundant info on the screen. in short, it is cluttering my screen in an undesirable way.

In case it matters, I am having this problem on my desktop which is in Ventura, not in my laptop on Sonoma, and I am unable to upgrade my desktop computer to Sonoma.

Are you possibly talking about the document title showing in the Quick Search bar? That would be duplicating what you’re seeing in the editor header, and you might have removed it from the toolbar on one computer but not the other.


No, I’m talking about in the title bar at the top of the screen.

Ah, thanks for the screenshot, that was the clue. It does have to do with the quick search bar, though—it appears that if that is not showing (either because it’s not on the toolbar or the toolbar is hidden or showing only text), the document title appears in the window title bar. I’m seeing the same behaviour in 3.3.1, so that isn’t new with the latest update. How is your toolbar set up on the Sonoma machine where you’re not seeing this?

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Wow - I see that now. If I unhide the toolbar then the document title stops appearing in the title bar! Thanks for helping resolve this. ISSUE IS NOW RESOLVED!