Eliminating the division to paragraphs

Hi _
I have entered some old typed documents, by using OCR

At the end of every line there is a ‘new paragraph’ sign. So each line is actually a paragraph, and I cannot arrange the text properly.

I would like to delete the ‘new paragraph’ signs, so all the text will be a single paragraph, and I can arrange it as needed. How do I do it ?
Thanks !

Do a RegEx Find/Replace, replacing \n (newline) with nothing.

The find key does not find \n.

What is RegEx ?

Answer one, and you’ll answer the other, but RegEx may not work on iOS. (Sometimes I don’t notice what platform people are asking about when I try to answer. My bad.) On the Mac, RegEx search is here, and this is a search for Kell or Stark with the search string Kell|Stark.

I activated Reg/Ex.
I type \n in the find window.

It finds nothing…

I don’t think you can do a regular expression search in the iOS version. I tried to select the end of line character between two paragraphs, but when I searched for in the IOS Scrivener search field, it just matched every space between words.

I’m not even sure how you’re seeing the paragraph signs, unless they’re actually just font characters/glyphs, rather than visible representations of the normally invisible paragraph characters… Have you tried to select one of the characters, copied it, and then pasted it into the search field?

This is always a PITA. Leave aside the problems of doing it in iOS, the first thing you need to do is check the breaks between actual paragraphs before you do anything. If there is only a single paragraph break between real paragraphs as well as at the ends of lines, doing a search for paragraph breaks to replace them with spaces, will result in the whole text being turned into one single paragraph, which will be time consuming to recover.

So, if you have two paragraph breaks between real paragraphs, do a search for two breaks and replace them with @ or a similar symbol. Then replace single paragraph breaks with spaces.

If real paragraphs only have one break, like the ends of lines, go through it manually and replace those with @ signs before you do your search and replace.

Then when you’ve done it, search for @ and replace with paragraph breaks.

And I personally wouldn’t even try it on an iOS device … I’d transfer the text to a computer and do it in Scrivener or a word processor there.