Elusive Freeze: macOS Beachball during custom format editing

I cannot reproduce it reliably, but if I fool around with the Metadata, Options, or Replacements section of the interface to edit custom project formats long enough, I often induce a spinning-beachball. Scrivener shows as “Application not Responding” and has to be force-quit. On restarting the app, the project is re-indexed.

I’ve seen the behaviour on two different projects (both very large = 200MB+).

While I can’t get an exact step process to reproduce it, I am emailing you the application “hang” report from console.app (it’s too large to paste!)

Would it be possible also to make available to us one of the projects, possibly via a Dropbox link (obviously it would be too large to send by email)?

Many thanks,

Alas, no. Lots of quite personal stuff in those. I will, however, try to make a project that reproduces the problem.

Thank you, much appreciated!

The strange thing is that the project size should have no effect on custom Compile formats, because Compile formats are completely independent of the project (even if you save the format into the project rather than making it global, it is just a set of settings that will be applied and contains no data about the project).

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