Elusive shortcuts. Hope it is NOT a feature...

I was trying to link my mouse wheel right and left click to the “Open in right/left editor” command and I couldn’t manage to get it right… I thought I was two tired and wasn’t typing the key combination right… After the fourth unsuccessful attempt I realized that the shortcuts kept exchanging places!

I have spent no time in trying to figure (if there is any) which sort of diabolical rule sets it, in the sincere hope you tell me this (the shortcuts changing places) IS NOT a feature.

Feedback anyone?

I don’t know, but I imagine the logic is: first item opens in the current editor, second in the other one.

There are keyboard shortcuts for this (cmd-opt-o, cmd-shift-o), which reflect the same hierarchy. Can you bind your mouse to the shortcuts themselves, instead of the wording? Then left = current, right = other.

My mouse isn’t clever enough, so I can’t test this…

Indeed, the top item is always the current editor, whatever that may be named.

You can easily open an item in the other editor, by the way, by Opt-clicking on it in the binder.