Em-dash and ellipsis replacement not working in version 3

I’ve tried googling, searching the forums, switching page view on and off as explained in the KB – nothing helps. Double hyphen does not get converted to em-dash anymore, and neither do three periods to ellipses. The option to “Use smart dashes and ellipses in new projects” is ticked. (I’m slightly confused about the “new projects” clause – what does that mean? My project obviously isn’t new, since I imported it from Scrivener 2.)

I’m really used to the automatic double hyphen replacement, I hope I don’t have to use a three-key shortcut for every em-dash from now on :frowning:

The “new project” means that this setting only affects new projects. You can then override the setting on a per-project basis via the Edit > Substitutions menu, so check to see if it is deselected there.

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Have a look at Edit > Substitutions. There are two options there ‘Smart Quotes’ and ‘Smart Dashes and Ellipses’ – I have the latter ticked and they both work as expected.

I think what’s happening is that this is an example of Version 3’s greater flexibility:

The setting in Preferences > Corrections specifies whether the feature is turned on by default (for new projects as it says)

The setting in the Edit > Substitutions menu allow you to turn it on an off as your working without amending the default — so you can easily use the non-smart versions for a paragraph or two if you have to.

At least, that’s what I think is going on – try it anyway.

Oh. Scrivener’s options continue to befuddle me – I did not expect the setting to be in two separate places, and definitely not under Edit. I would have never found this without asking. Thank you!

(And if there’s a list of user submitted UI improvement suggestions somewhere, I would like to propose not hiding this deep in the Edit menu, but rather setting per-project overrides in “Project Preferences”, or “Project Overrides”, or something similarly named.)

But it’s not just for the override for the project — you can turn it on and off for a paragraph, so it wouldn’t be suitable in Project Settings either. And actually, having these toggles on the Edit menu in the same block as Spelling and Transformations makes sense.

Not that I have any say in the layout and content of the menus of course…

This would be a UI suggestion for Apple, given this is their standard place for these commands (see Pages, TextEdit etc)…