Em Dash from Double Hyphens

A quick thing which has been buggging me – when I type a - - (double hyphen) Scrivener changes it to an Em Dash and highlights it.

Does this highlighting serve any purpose? The only thing it does to me is that I keep accidentally deleting it.

Does anyone else have this?

Huh… Weird. The em-dash should not get highlighted. This doesn’t happen to me, I have just checked…

I’m away from Scrivener at the moment, but does this happen automatically, or is that one of the smart typography options? I only ask because I would want MultiMarkdown and SmartyPants to handle this, rather than Scrivener.

Ouch, my fault. Seems like the combination of Scrivener and Spell Catcher produce this effect.

Spell Catcher doesn’t do this outside of Scrivener, and Scrinever doesn’t do it on its own.

I’ve played with preferences and fixed it… sorry for the false alert!

No problem - I’m just glad it wasn’t a Scrivener bug. :slight_smile:

Fletcher - this is a Typography option in Preferences; smart quotes, smart hyphens, smart symbols etc can all be turned off, which is indeed what you would want to do if you were using MultiMarkdown.

All the best,

With Typinator, it deletes the last letter of the word that came before the em dash. So I either have to disable Scr.s option or quit Typinator. I hate the way Typinator makes this change–there’s always a delay and I sometimes end up with an em dash in the middle of a word if I keep typing, which I usually do. So I quit Typinator when working in Scr. and have to open it everywhere else. The other option would be to exclude Scr. from Typinators program list…if it had one!!! And no other autofill program seems to do this very well.

Does Spell Catcher allow you to exclude programs from its autofill feature?



Hi Maria. Thanks. If you don’t still use it, why? Just curious.


Would you have guessed that I have several dozen knives and a wide array of bizarre looking cooking aparatus in my kitchen? Oh, but I love doing the dishes, too. :slight_smile: