Email Import

Most probably, one can already do this - and I’m wasting this forum’s time.

If not, here’s a small feature request.

Scrivener allows me to keep TVÂ and film scripts as a single project - ideas and research in one folder, treatments in another. Still others contain full outlines, producer’s notes, and drafts.

Thus, I’m easily able to access a project’s entire history, from conception through to post-production -

  • with the exception, that is, of the billions of emails that fly back and forth between the producers, the script editors, and me.

This is also true, albeit to a much lesser extent, of email communications between my book publishers and me.

I thought it might be useful to have an “Append Email (s) to Scrivener” command in the Services menu. Or an “Import Email(s)” command from inside Scriv.

Or is it just me?


Hi Neil - that gets more complicated, as I guess Scrivener wasn’t really intended for full archival. But you can just select the contents of your e-mail and drag it into Scrivener that way…
One trouble is that different e-mail programs tend to have different paste formats, so it would be a bit of a nightmare to do right.
All the best,

Ah, I knew it was a dumb idea.

(It wasn’t so much about archiving, though - at least not in an historical sense. I was thinking more about collecting batches of related emails between drafts - stuff that might contain comments, ideas, suggestions, or expressions of disgust that are relevant to the next draft - in much the same way as one collects and collates research materials.)

But here I go, slouching back to Lurker’s Corner…

Actually, I think this is a good idea, even if it can’t be implemented. Maybe by version 20.2 Apple will provide tools to make this possible. Until then, we can dream.

Edit: There is one way to “sort of” do this if you want to take the trouble. You can save the email as an RTF file and then import it into your project. The basic header information is captured, so you can tell who the email came from and when it was sent.


Or select the contents of the e-mail and use the Services: Scrivener menu, which lets you Create New Clipping from Selection. This works for me in Entourage. The Services menu is hiding under the Entourage menu.

Not a dumb idea at all - it would actually be nice if you could drag e-mails out of Mail into Scrivener. It’s just difficult, that’s all. Whenever you drag something, what happens is that it gets placed on the pasteboard. When you drop it somewhere, the receiving application checks what types are on the pasteboard and, if it is a type it understands, it tries to import it. So, I checked what types get put on the pasteboard when you try to drag from Mail to Scrivener. Here is one of the main types that Apple put on the pasteboard:

“MV Super-secret message transfer pasteboard type”

So, doesn’t look like they want to share it. :slight_smile:

Essentially, without a public way of doing it, there is no way of getting the received date, message title and body from the drag, so you may as well just drag the text across to Scrivener (select the text in Mail and drag and drop it into the binder to make a new document), as that is the only info Mail makes available to other applications, it seems.

Certainly, not worth going back to lurking for. :slight_smile: