Embedded color profiles

It’d be really nice if a future update allows the export of PDF for print-on-demand without embedded color profiles. Working around this with Ingramspark is giving some of us headaches. Thanks!

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be technically possible with the Mac frameworks on which Scrivener is built. I spent a day looking into this only a week or two ago, in fact, as I’d really like to include this option myself. The problem is that there is no way of doing this provided in the Cocoa (Apple) frameworks. Apple provides a Quartz filter that can produce PDF-X/3 files, but that doesn’t strip out colour profiles as required by IngramSpark. I’d need some way of producing a PDF-X/1a PDF file (I believe), but I cannot find any way of doing it. Nor can I find any third-party libraries that can take an existing PDF and run the conversion (which I could use in Scrivener).

If any developers out there know otherwise, please let me know!

All the best,