Embedded Font and resolution at compile time

Hi, n00b here, so apologies if this is not the right thread for this query.

I have downloaded a font (Etruscan) that someone has kindly created. I can use the font in Scrivener3, and the result is delightful on the screen.

The font can be downloaded here dafont.com/etruscan.font

When I compile to eBook MOBI format and load into Kindle, it translates the Etruscan text back into TNR.

For instance, using the font on the word Scrivener, I get: -
(See attached image)

After uploading the MOBI to Kindle, it has reverted to: -

Is there any way I can keep the Etruscan text in my MOBI output, please?

Thanks, Mike.
Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 19.07.10.png

Scrivener is not able to embed fonts for copyright reasons. A number of dedicated ebook publishing tools can do so, however.


Thanks, Katherine. I’ll check it out. Seems MOBI can’t handle it, but AZW3 can.
I think it’s the mixing of fonts that is the problem - can get it to do the entire text but not partial.


Only certain fonts are usuable, but if want a different font for chapter headers or chapter quote, can use font and then capture an image of the font in place (windows snip function) and copy and paste it into text file as a picture. Thus when compile will treat as picture not font and will not change, other than footprint on page.

Thanks, Kirgoalie, good suggestion.