Embedded fonts and b/w illustration procedure?

Hello. I have a project I’ve completed [on my Mac: Ventura 13.4.1 with Scrivener 3.3.1] that I intend on getting published [with a company called Lulu]. There are guidelines to be followed, which leads me to my question. When I compile to a PDF through Scrivener, does that automatically embed my fonts [Palatino, Garamond, MarkerFelt] and ensure my illustration [a black and white line drawing exported as a PDF] will be included in the printed piece? The project looks great on my screen after it’s been compiled, but I’m reading the PDF version with Preview. I don’t have Adobe software. Am I missing any steps to make this process complete? Thanks!

You should be fine. You should of course ask Lulu for a proof copy.

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Thank you! I appreciate your help. I definitely will.