embedding external images into document


I have a particular workflow designed around a complex tool i wrote for my phd. In particular, it writes a series of images, which i often refresh, to well known locations on disk. When using Word or Lyx, I insert references to the images, allowing the wordprocessor to pick up changes made externally on the fly. If I had to do this manually, it would be impractical, as I often have 300+ images in a document that I refresh in a single step using my phd tool.

Is this possible to embed external images into Scrivener documents in this way? If I embed an image from a file into scrivener, it copies that image into it’s folder with a name like “9.jpg” etc which disconnects it from the source image. I’ve also looked into “document references” which don’t seem to do what I want.

Andrew McVeigh, London, UK

We don’t yet have the system in place for this, however it is a planned feature. You’ll have two resources at your disposal, linking to items on the disk and showing them in the binder like ordinary research items, and the ability to link to image resources in a text item, like an embedded image.


I also need this feature. How’s it coming along?
(on the Windows version)


To my knowledge this particular feature hasn’t been started on yet. There is a long list of things to do. :slight_smile: Years worth. I can’t say when a particular thing will happen.