Embedding file links into a document

Is it possible to embed a actionable link in a document that can launch the document in the appropriate editor or browser? I want to put Word links or web links that actually work. My web links don’t seem to work for HTTPS sites, and I can’t get file links to work with a file path copied from the Windows File Manager (Shift-Right Click and select Copy Path). Any ideas?


File links need to begin with this: file:///. The 3 slashes allow Windows to identify what kind of resource this is, and then use the full path to locate it, and then open it based on the type of file it is, e.g., a Word .docx file or Acrobat .pdf. Not exactly intuitive, but there it is.

Easier local file links can be created by simple drag and drop. Just drag the file into the article. At which point you’ll see that you have the file’s full name and path prefaced by file:///

Links to websites also work flawlessly and easily once you learn the secret trick.

Edit menu/ Link / then and here’s the trick. Do not use Web. Choose NO PREFIX

Then just paste in the link. The pasted link will have the http:// or https:// already.

If you want your own words, highlight what you want next then edit/link/NO PREFIX and paste in the link. You selected text will be underlined as a link and work fine.

Awesome folks, I appreciate the guidance!