Embedding images in documents

Hello, I’m a currently using Scrivener on a 30 day trial and love it so far, I just have a niggle with images. I am writing technical documents so images play a key role. I am dragging my pictures into the research area and then dragging them onto my document as needed. I don’t know if that’s the correct workflow but it works for me!

My niggle is that every image I drag on has a massive space around it - see attached screen grab. Is it possible to get rid of that?

Many thanks.

Picture 3.png


Thanks for trying Scriv, and for the kind words. The gap is caused by an annoying quirk of the OS X text system to do with line spacing, whereby line spacing is based on the tallest character in the line. In this case, the image is the tallest “character”, so if the paragraph has 1.2 line spacing then it will be 1.2 x the height of the image. To fix it, just select the image, choose line spacing in the format bar (the popup button that most likely says “1.2” if you are using the default formatting, which it looks like you are), and change it to 1.0 for the image.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks for your super-quick response Keith :smiley:
Problem solved. It works a treat.

I think I’ll be paying for Scrivener very soon. Have you got any coupon codes at the moment?

I’ve just been trying out some Kindle compiling and I’m amazed with the results. Black and white images look superb on the Kindle.

Very best wishes